Internet of Things is happening now.

A vast amount of devices are becoming connected and vast amount of data becomes available. Enabling technology is here. Take a step forward with Affecto.

Key trends fueling the digitalization

Internet of things changes business boundaries and enables greater granularity for personalization.

Mobility and connectivity allow you to offer services anywhere and for everyone.

The public cloud brings sophisticated tools to new audiences in cost efficient ways.

We create the needed operational capabilities to execute your vision.

Candidates for digitalisation


Predictive/condition based maintenance, Warranty optimization, Utilization optimization, Quality optimization, Safety and Security, Logistics costs and optimization, Utilities monitoring and optimization

Retail and Services

Rental / pay per usage, Remote monitoring, Customer profiling, Targeted advertising, Digital marketing, Intelligent housing

Public sector

Health condition monitoring, Smart cities, Smart traffic

We refine your business model and manage the change.

Move forward with Affecto

Affecto business development services

  • Business case driven initiatives
  • Finding opportunities in existing data
  • Holistic service design
  • Automate business processes

Affecto IoT cloud platform

  • Turn your data into intelligence and connect it to your business
  • Handle big data from multiple sources and formats
  • Apply advanced analytics and machine learning
Affecto is a partner and a system integrator for the best of breed vendor specific IoT platforms

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